Urban Garden Privacy Wall

by Chris Lambton

Whether you are in your spacious backyard or a smaller urban garden, you may want to separate your space from that of your neighbor. Create this functional and beautiful privacy wall that will provide you your own space.

Add a Privacy Backdrop
Fiskars DIY Garden Privacy Wall 02

1. Measure your space. For this project, our privacy wall will be about 8' wide. You may need to add/remove cement blocks depending on your space.

Fiskars DIY Garden Privacy Wall 03

2. Start by stacking the cement blocks on the ground. You can offset the second level so the seams don't line up. This will provide added strength to the wall. As you build the wall up you can jut out some blocks that will be planted once the wall is done. The finished wall is stacked to about three feet high with multiple spots to plant.

Fiskars DIY Garden Privacy Wall 04

3. Next, screw the metal plumbing pipes together so you have a 3-sided frame – 4' high and 8' across.

Fiskars DIY Garden Privacy Wall 05

4. Align the hog wire to your frame and cut the wire to fit. Hog-wire is sturdy, so it is great to use to support climbing plants. It is usually tough to cut but not for the PowerGear Bolt Cutters. The gears give 30% more power in every cut, and the heat-treated blades stay sharp longer.

Fiskars DIY Garden Privacy Wall 06

5. Now that the hog wire is cut, it's time to attach it to the metal piping. Use the Bolt Cutters to cut 6" pieces of metal wire. Wrap the metal wire around the pipe and hog wire to attach them.

Fiskars DIY Garden Privacy Wall 07

6. Now put the metal piping into the cement blocks. It will slide right into the holes in the blocks. This will add height to the privacy wall while still allowing the sun and a nice breeze to come through.

Fiskars DIY Garden Privacy Wall 08

7. Finish by adding climbing plants such as ivy. The cinder blocks make a great base to plant in, and the grid of the hog wire provides a space for the ivy to climb through.

Enjoy your newly created space.