Choosing the Right Axe for the Right Job

by Teresa O'Connor

Whether you’re chopping kindling or splitting firewood for a campfire, there are times when an axe comes in handy. Fiskars axes are available in a variety of sizes for accomplishing different chopping and splitting jobs quickly and safely.

How to Choose an Axe
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By asking yourself a few helpful questions, you’ll know which Fiskars axe is best for your task.


Does the axe need to chop or split wood?
Splitting wood means to cut a vertically positioned log with a single downward stroke of an axe. Fiskars splitting axes allow the blades to penetrate deeper and disperse wood more efficiently. These splitting axes offer one-strike splits with each swing, so logs can be split with less time, effort and hand strain.

Chopping wood consists of cutting horizontal logs into segments with several sharp, downward strokes of an axe. The Fiskars chopping axes are designed to cut the wood fibers, rather than split them apart. These axe blades are able to bite three times deeper when chopping. This allows greater blade penetration on each swing, which makes it easier to chop more wood in less time.

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What is the size of the wood?
For splitting small logs, a small but mighty Fiskars 17-inch axe offers power and speed for one-strike splits of small and even medium logs. The axe's convenient size makes it easy to carry along on camping or backpacking trips.

For medium-to-large logs, try the Fiskars 28-inch axe that has a power-to-weight ratio that increases the swing speed for more power, working a bit like an aluminum baseball bat.

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For the job of felling small trees, a Fiskars chopping axe is recommended. A low-friction blade coating helps prevent this axe head from getting stuck in the wood.

Chopping smaller logs or kindling is easy with a Fiskars Hatchet. A14-inch hatchet is a must-have tool on camping or hiking trips.

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What is the quality of the axe?
Safety and quality should be a top concern when purchasing an axe. Fiskars offers a lifetime warranty on its chopping and splitting axes. Protective sheaths are included to help keep the blade safely away from harm when not in use.

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The Fiskars® X-Series axes are built for safe performance too. The hardened forged steel blade stays sharp longer than traditional axes. The axes' shock-absorbing DuraFrame handle is lightweight, but stronger than steel. And the insert-molded PermaHead will not loosen, so it prevents overstrike breakage.

Although Fiskars axes were built with safety in mind, always follow best safety practices when using any axe. Be aware of your surroundings when using an axe and ensure there is enough space for swinging without endangering others. Determine that there is a safe place for the axe to stop at the end of a chop. Often this is a thick log or stump known as a “workpiece.” Finally, safely store your axe when you are finished. Fiskars® axes come with a protective sheath to aid in safe storage.