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Picture your dream garden: luscious greenery, beautiful flowers and perfectly ripe vegetables. With the right cultivating tools in hand, that vision can become a reality.

Knowing that planting, nurturing and harvesting can be a true labor of love, we strive to create durable, truly user-friendly, garden digging tools that are not only intuitive to use, but help you get the job done faster. With pointed or serrated edges for piercing and manipulating tough soil, our lightweight, ergonomic planting tools make it easy and enjoyable to prep soil and keep your garden free of weeds – all growing season long.

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What Are Planting Tools Used For?

Easy-to-grip, easy-to-use and ultra-durable, Fiskars cultivating tools are designed to help you succeed in every corner of your garden. Garden digging tools such as garden knives can be used for a variety of tasks including digging, breaking up growth, opening bags and more, while soil scoops are ideal for digging and transporting soil. Once you’ve prepped your garden bed, specific planting tools can then be used to keep your soil productive, as well as plant seeds. These include trowels for digging in tough soil, turning earth and taking up plants, and cultivators that feature large tines for loosening and aerating soil. Transplanters are designed specifically with a serrated edge and gradation depth marks on the blade for transferring small plants and flowers from one location to another. Finally, removing dandelions, thistles and other invasive plants by the root is easy with any of our durable hand weeders.

Long-handled cultivating tools are a great complement to your hand tool collection in that they can ease some of the aches and pains caused by hours spent kneeling or stooping in the garden. Forks are ideal for loosening and lifting soil, compost, mulch and other loose materials around the garden, while hoes, which typically featured sharpened steel edges, make it easier to rip out shallow-rooted weeds and break up thick, dirt clots.