Enjoy the beautiful fall season by making this year’s leaf collecting quicker and easier than ever with our ergonomic, long-handled rakes.

Our well-balanced yard rakes range from those with wide heads and closely-spaced tines designed to efficiently move large volumes of leaves and yard debris, to smaller, more nimble garden rakes with metal tines – perfect for leveling soil in narrow beds and other hard-to-reach areas. Whatever your need, our selection of durable rakes is sure to help you make quick work of any yard clean-up project.

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What are rakes used for?

An essential clean-up tool for any yard, the right rake can help make the frequent task of clearing away leaves and debris, easy and efficient.

Leaf rakes feature durable tines that are designed to flex – not break – under pressure, as well as ergonomically-shaped, lightweight handles for quick, comfortable raking and moving of leaves. Garden rakes, on the other hand, feature sharper, heavy-duty metal tines that make them ideal for piercing, loosening or leveling soil and removing dead grass from lawns. Shrub rakes offer a slimmer design for easier maneuvering between shrubs, fences, flowers and more.

Our Pro® Leaf and Garden Rakes are designed for ultimate strength and durability, with steel tines that are locked in place with metal tabs and double-bolted connections that guarantee the tool will not come apart. An extra-long handle reduces back fatigue, while its simple, yet heavy-duty construction makes them a reliable choice for daily, quality performance under all conditions.