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Tree Pruners

Tree Pruners

Get all the reach you need with tree trimming tools designed to cut back high, hard-to-reach branches – no ladder, no chainsaw, no tree service.

Built to last, every Fiskars tree pruner is designed for easy handling, with an aggressive saw or pruner blade attached to the end for powering through thick branches, quickly and easily. Chain-drive mechanisms, rope-free designs and a variety of pole lengths and other extendable options means that you’ll find just the tree trimmer you need to get the job done.

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Find the Right Tool for the Cut

Find the Right Tool for the Cut

From stems to branches to tree limbs, we’ll help you choose the right cutting tool for the job.

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What Are Tree Pruners Used For?

Tree pruners are needed for removing high branches that regular loppers simply cannot reach.

Tree trimming tools come in a variety of options: Extendable Tree Saws have an aggressive saw blade at the end of an extendable pole, allowing you to take down thick, high branches from the ground. Extendable Tree Pruners offer the same benefit – just with a pruning blade at the end; the Extendable Pole Saw & Trimmer includes both. For even faster, easier cuts, look to our Chain Drive Extendable Pole Saw, featuring chain-drive gearing for up to 3x more cutting power than a traditional tree trimmer, also with both cutting options attached to the end.

Our Lightweight Extendable Tree Pruner offers a less unwieldy option with superior comfort and control. For a tree trimmer that reaches into tight spaces, our Low-profile Extendable Tree Pruner features a low-profile head that prevents tangles so you can do just that. And for versatile cuts on both high and low branches – without ladders, kneeling or bending – the Pruning Stik® Tree Pruner offers an extendable, rope- free design for two-handed control that eliminates snags and tangles.

Replacement pruner and saw blades are also available for all of our tree pruners.