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Kneeling Cushion (10.5 in. x 16 in.)

Thick for added comfort, the Fiskars® Kneeling Cushion protects your knees, both in the garden or around the house. With dual-layer construction for lasting durability and superior comfort, this cushion features a tough, abrasion-resistant, moisture-proof outer shell that stands up to hard, rough, cold or damp surfaces, as well as a soft foam cushion interior that provides ample padding for your kneecaps. A handle makes it easy to carry from one project to another. 

  • Fiskars® Kneeling Cushion is thick for added comfort, protecting knees during gardening and household projects
  • Abrasion-resistant, moisture-proof, outer shell protects you from hard, rough, cold or damp surfaces 
  • Soft foam inner cushion provides generous padding
  • Convenient handle makes carrying easy
  • Full lifetime warranty
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