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How To Make a Sun Catcher

by Emma Jeffery

Having a few craft projects up your sleeve to keep little ones busy is always a good idea. These sun catchers are the perfect quick project, with minimal mess and a pretty finished piece.

Kids project - How to make a sun catcher
1. Create frame for sun catcher. Using a bowl or dish, trace a circle onto a piece of cardstock and cut it out. I used a plastic dish, one that is already covered in paint splatters and marker lines, as my tracing object, but you can use a disposable plate, as well. Once your circle is cut out, trace a smaller circle inside the first and cut away the center, giving you a circle 'frame'. Depending on the age or ability of the child, they may like to do this themselves with your supervision.
How To Make Sun Catcher - 02
2. Place the frame onto contact paper. Remove the backing from a sheet of contact paper and place the 'frame' on to it. This clear contact paper will act as a large, clear sticker covering the center of your frame. Make sure to have the sticky side facing up.
How To Make Sun Catcher - 03
3. Cut small pieces of tissue paper. Allow the child to choose any colors of tissue paper that he or she likes and then cut lots of small pieces out of the paper. To help the child, cut a large piece of tissue paper into a smaller, more manageable sizes.
How To Make Sun Catcher - 04
4. Stick the tissue paper to the contact paper. Next, stick the tissue paper to the contact paper. Encourage the child to fill all the available space within the frame, but be sure to let the child be the designer of where to place the cut-out pieces. Any pattern, or lack-there-of, will turn out looking perfect and be a truly unique creation!
How To Make Sun Catcher - 05
5. Finish the sun catcher. Once the child is happy with the tissue paper additions, place a second sheet of contact paper over the frame, sandwiching the tissue paper in between the two sticky layers. To finish, trim away the excess contact paper from outside the frame and hang in a window or doorway to 'catch' the sun. You’ll see pretty light stream through, making different dancing patterns on your wall or floor. What a fun way to pass the day!
How To Make Sun Catcher - 06