Upcycled Bar Cart

by Emma Jeffery

Hosting a party this holiday season? Put your DIY skills to the test and learn how to make a rolling bar cart!

Upcycled Bar Cart
Fiskars DIY Bar Cart 02

1. A 6-cubby storage unit makes the perfect base for this rolling bar cart. Start by assembling the storage unit (if new), using the IsoCore™ General Use Hammer. Alternatively, remove the back panel if you are upcycling an existing unit. The hammer's rip claw will pull nails quickly and easily if you are removing the back panels from an old unit.

Fiskars DIY Bar Cart 03

2. Give the simple storage unit an upscale finish with an attractive, copper back panel. Align the patterned copper sheets at the back of the unit and hammer in place using nails.

Fiskars DIY Bar Cart 04

3. To prevent your glasses and bottles from falling from your rolling bar cart, add rails along the front of the cubbies. Drill holes through the front of the unit using a drill bit that is slightly wider in diameter than your copper pipe. Pass the pipe through the holes and cut to size with a hacksaw or a saw that is suitable for cutting metal.

Fiskars DIY Bar Cart 05

4. Measure the width of the assembled unit and cut two red oak boards the same width but slightly longer than the storage unit. Adding extra length to the boards will give you a useful space to store wine or other taller bottles at the bottom of the cart. The top board should be the same length as the bottom board, so it will hang over the cubby on each end. Screw these boards to the top and bottom of the unit.

Fiskars DIY Bar Cart 06

5. Measure and mark where the casters will sit on the bottom of the red oak board base, and attach to all four corners using screws.

Fiskars DIY Bar Cart 07

6. Spray two sailing cleats with a metallic copper paint and screw to the underside of each end of the top piece of wood. They will act as handles and also somewhere to hang your tea towel.

Fiskars DIY Bar Cart 08

7. Finish your rolling bar cart with flair by cutting pieces of marble-effect contact paper to size using Orange-handled Scissors. Adhere the contact paper to the shelves and you have an fun DIY rolling bar cart that is perfect for entertaining.

8. Stock the shelves with your favorite bar essentials and enjoy!

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