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Our teacher-recommended kids scissors are a mainstay on most teachers’ school supplies lists – and for good reason.

At Fiskars, we believe that kids who create, thrive. That’s why we’re so invested in putting the right tools in the hands of our youngest creators – from preschool all the way to senior year. Our kids scissors come with either blunt or pointed tips, comfort handles, and non-stick blades for cutting through sticky classroom materials – all in a range of different colors, patterns and thematic styles to help them express their ever-changing personalities. To round out their school supplies lists, we also offer a variety of classroom tools ranging from rulers to pencil sharpeners and more – all designed to help kids create, think and soar.

Kids Scissors

Which Scissors Do They Need?

Learn how to find the pair of scissors that’s just right for your child’s age – and style.

Teaching by inspiring

Teaching by Inspiring

Discover fun, hands-on projects and ideas designed to help kids learn, play and explore the world around them.

Kids Grow with Fiskars®

Kids who create develop strong problem-solving skills. Fiskars® wants to support teachers and students by making sure they have the right tools.

About Kids & School Tools

Whether you have a preschooler just learning how to hold a pair of scissors or an older student looking for top quality cutting performance, we’ll make sure they have the right tools they need to succeed.

Our training scissors put safety first, with blunt tips and additional features that help children learn to open and close scissors easily. As kids enter school age, their cutting needs eventually graduate to options with pointed tips and blades that can cut easily through sticky classroom materials. Available in a range of fun styles including patterns, sparkles and sports themes – as well as scissors that change color or feature fun, 2-in-1, lenticular images, Fiskars kids scissors are the most recommended scissors on teachers’ school supplies lists, and are sure to help make learning easier and fun. We also offer a variety of scissors with true left-handed blades for better visibility.

Caddy sets make it easy for teachers to purchase kids scissors in bulk, while rulers, protractors, compasses and pencil sharpeners help round out our school supplies collection.

Fiskars kids & school tools are built to last and backed by a full lifetime warranty.