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Building and Fixing

Gritty. Relentless. And unforgiving.
It’s what you do, every day.
At Fiskars, we understand what it’s like to work a day in your shoes. That’s why we developed Fiskars® Pro tools – robust, construction and landscaping tools designed to not only make tough jobs easier, but reduce negative impact on your body.
Built to last, these tools are engineered to help you work smarter, with intelligent mechanics and patented technologies that have been tirelessly studied and validated, over and over, to maximize your strength, reduce cut force and impact, and absorb shock and vibration. In short, they not only work.
They work – for you.

We Feel Your Pain

To you, it’s more than just a job. It’s your livelihood. That’s why we’ve developed a collection of rugged, powerful pro tools engineered to help you keep you going strong – all day long.

Advantages of using Isocore™

The IsoCore™ Advantage

Limit the toll tough work takes on your body with tools featuring the industry’s best shock control system.

Our tools outperform our competitors

Outperforms Every Leading Competitor

Designed for pros, our shears and snips feature technologies that reduce cut force.

About Fiskars® Pro Tools

You give it your all, day in and day out. Thankfully, there’s Fiskars® Pro. Designed to outperform, outlast and reduce negative impact on your body, Fiskars Pro tools do more than “get the job done.” They work for you.
Our hardware shears and snips feature everything from aviation snips to pipe cutters, boltcutters and utility snips armed with various technologies, all designed for tough, relentless cuts. PowerArc™ blades are intelligently curved to alter the angle between blades for 40% more power, while hardware tools equipped with PowerGear® technology boast leverage enhancing gears to give you more power – especially during the toughest part of the cut – for easier cuts through sheet metal, plastic pipes, ductwork and more.
For intense demolition tasks, our collection of sledgehammers and wrecking bars feature IsoCore™, a patented technology that absorbs more shock and vibration, reducing muscle fatigue and joint pain. Wedge-faced sledge and club hammers offer 5x more destructive power, while our framing and finishing IsoCore™ Hammers keep every strike effective, controlled and comfortable for major framing jobs and small interior tasks.

Get more done using fewer blades with our rugged and versatile utility knives, featuring CarbonMax™ blades, laboratory tested and verified to stay sharp 24x longer than the competition – even carbide.

Finally, optimally angled to help you dig, pry, transfer, rake and more with less strain, our heavyduty pro shovels and rakes feature heads that won’t come off for ultimate durability.
All Fiskars® Pro tools are built to last and backed by a full lifetime warranty.