Homemade Gifts Kids Can Make

by Emma Jeffery

Encourage children to help make gifts this holiday season with these kid-friendly projects.

Homemade Gifts Kids Can Make

Cookie jars, pendants and card sets make great gifts for teachers, neighbors and relatives, who will appreciate the extra love that went into making them.

Fiskars DIY Gifts Kids Craft 02

Cookie Jar Mix

1. To decorate the cookie mix jar, use the ProCision™ Rotary Bypass Trimmer to cut colored cardstock and secure around the jar. (We suggest using a jar at least 16 oz.)

Fiskars DIY Gifts Kids Craft 03

2. Decorate the front of the jar with alpha stickers and stamped designs. This could be a great task for your child.

3. Fill jar with your favorite dry cookie mix.

Fiskars DIY Gifts Kids Craft 04

Clay Pendant

1. To make clay pendants, have child roll out the clay and shape into flat discs.

Fiskars DIY Gifts Kids Craft 05

2. Press stamps in the clay for a festive design.

3. Pierce a hole at the top of the disc with a wooden skewer.

4. Bake clay according to manufacturer's directions.

5. Thread a leather cord through the hole to finish.

Fiskars DIY Gifts Kids Craft 06

Handmade Card Set

1. Cut card bases 6" x 3" with the ProCision bypass rotary trimmer.

2. Fold in half.

3. Cut cardstock squares 2.5" x 2.5" and have child use brush markers to color stamps.

Fiskars DIY Gifts Kids Craft 07

4. Stamp designs onto the cardstock squares.

5. Add self-adhesive jewel embellishments for added decoration.

6. Use pop-up adhesive to adhere the cardstock to the card bases to give it a little extra dimension.

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