Bee happy in your garden

Those of us who love to garden already know how much we owe to bees and other pollinators. In these bright
spring days, as we see our gardens start to wake up around us, the buzzing of our hardworking bee friends is a clear sign that nature is in balance. There are 25,000 species of bee in the world but populations are declining – three bumblebee species have become extinct in recent years and the European Red List for Bees warns that almost one in ten species of wild bee are under threat in Europe. What can we do to help?

Nature’s little helpers

Bees evolved alongside flowering plants and are a beautiful example of nature in harmony. Flowers use scent and colour to attract bees, offering them nectar and pollen in return. Bees then travel from flower to flower transferring pollen and helping plants to reproduce – from the flowers in our garden to the crops that we eat and the trees that oxygenate the earth. Many of us are at our happiest when we’re planting seeds and imagining our glorious summer displays, but without the hard work of bees and other pollinators nothing much would grow.
The cause of bee decline is predominantly habitat destruction, both from intensive farming and urbanisation, with climate change and toxic pesticides compounding the problem. But there are some simple ways we can all help bees, whether we’re planting in gardens, balconies, or community spaces. Even window boxes can help provide a rest stop for bees that are buzzing past.

Tips for happy bees

If you have a garden, let a patch of it grow wild to encourage nature to thrive

Cut your lawn less often and remove cuttings straight away

Plant native wildflowers and flowering plants in gardens and window boxes

Don’t use pesticides – they harm bees and other pollinators

If you have space, make a bee hotel – many bees are solitary and will nest in a safe pile of wood or bamboo

In summer give bees a place to drink – put a shallow dish of water out with some pebbles to prevent drowning

We want to help you to help the bees

To help you plant for bees this spring we are offering a free bee box when you buy £50 of Fiskars planting and growing tools and upload your receipt. The content of the box varies according to location, but every box includes bee-friendly seeds, a Fiskars planting stick designed for happy planting, RHS seeds and instructions, planting calendar and how to spot different bees in your garden. To find out more about this offer, you can read our terms and conditions here.

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Tips for happy bees