Product Warranties


Our products have been crafted using advanced technical manufacturing and materials. They have been tested and perform excellently for the activities and environments they were created for. However, no matter how careful we are, errors may occur in the manufacturing process.

If you find fault with the workmanship or materials of your Fiskars product, please submit the product and a warranty claim to the store from where you have bought the item up to one year since date of purchase. After one year please contact Fiskars Customer Services directly. Warranty claims must be submitted in writing within thirty (30) days from the time the defect is or should have been discovered.

In addition, we offer an extended 25-year warranty for the following premium ranges:

  • X-Series & Norden Axes (registration required)
  • 365 Limited Edition Axe
  • Xact™ Digging Tools
  • PowerGear™ X Cutting Tools
  • X-series™ Harvesting Knife

Register your X-Series and Norden Axe below within thirty days after purchase to activate the warranty.

Starting January 2018, no registration is required for the extended warranty on the 365 Limited Edition Axe, Xact™ Digging Tools and PowerGear™ X Cutting Tools.