"classic Fiskars scissors cutting blond hair

Hair and nail scissors

For long-lasting beauty scissors, turn to Fiskars hair and nail scissors, featuring ultra-sharp stainless steel blades created specifically for healthy cutting of hair and nails. Fiskars hairdressing scissors have a textured blade edge to prevent hair from slipping off the blade, and choose either curved manicure scissors for clean, precise, safe flush cuts, or round-tip nail scissors for safely trimming children's nails. Keep Fiskars nail and hair scissors in your bathroom vanity for comfortable, safe at-home grooming.

Precision is incredibly important when choosing a nail or hair scissors, and Fiskars beauty scissors have precisely honed blades for excellent control when cutting hair, cuticles or nails. Hairdressing scissors feature the classic double-loop handles as well as textured blades that grip the hair for quick, neat trimming of mens, womens and childrens hair. The manicure scissors are made for clean, healthy trimming of nails and cuticles with either curved blades that cut flush to the skin or rounded tips for the ultimate in safety, especially important when choosing scissors to trim childrens nails.