Plant care tools for thriving pots in smaller spots

One great aspect of indoor gardening is that you really don’t need a big space to get started. It is perfect for apartments and homes with limited outdoor space. You can even transform a balcony into a thriving mini herb garden. We designed our specialized tools for planting, repotting and plant care in smaller spaces, ensuring you and your green space thrive.

Not all gardeners go outside

You don’t need a garden to be a gardener. Grow indoors by selecting plants that match your available light conditions. Some plants love sunshine — some prefer partial shade.

There’s always room to grow

If you think that your patio or balcony is too small for growing plants and herbs, think about growing vertically! Climbing and hanging plants need just a bit of space.

Soil scoop for potting and planting

Bigger scoop size for transferring soil when potting and transplanting.

Planting scoop & brush

For neat and precise work of re-potting, planting and tidying.

Planting and repotting mat

Repotting mat protects work surfaces and makes clean-up fast and easy.

Watering can & mister for indoor and outdoor plants

Easy watering at all heights and angles. Mister with fine mist for hydrating delicate plants.

Solid™ micro-tip pruning snip

Sharp and precise tools for taking cuttings & other pruning tasks.

Balcony garden toolbox

Designed to store all your tools neatly.