Shovels & Spades

Anyone who owns a home or yard knows there are plenty of reasons to own a shovel – all year long. So, if you're serious about gardening you need a seriously good shovel for gardening. Happily, we've got a wide range of shovels and spades perfect for getting stuck into garden work.

How to choose best shovel type for you

1. If you only have one shovel, the pointed spade is your choice. Ideal for digging tough, rocky soil and cut through roots.

2. The rounded spade is great tool for digging planting holes and edging along borders.

3. The shovel with a square tip is perfect for moving a pile of loose material.

The best shovel range for you

How to choose the best shovel for gardening? If you are seeking best-in-class technologies, ergonomics and durability, our top-of-the-line Xact™ tools incorporate purposeful innovation and a precise fit for ultimate performance, allowing you to do more of what you love. For everyday and frequent gardening, our Ergonomic™ tools offer plenty of additional features designed to enhance your experience. For casual and occasional use, turn to our quality, entry-level Solid™ range for digging tools that get the job done, efficiently and affordably.

Anatomy of a shovel

Every shovel has three parts: a handle, a shaft and a blade or scoop. The design and materials of each part are the difference between being able to dig deeper and transfer faster. Understanding how each part best supports specific tasks helps you choose the right tool for the job.