Pruning shears

Make clean cuts on stems and branches up to one inch thick with hand pruners that feel like a natural extension of your hand.

Using pruning shears to regularly trim perennial flowers and fruit trees, deadhead blooming plants, or cut long, wayward branches out of shrubs encourages overall plant health, while refreshing your yard and garden’s overall appearance. To help you power through stems and branches, our garden shears feature a range of technologies to maximize your cutting power, as well as other innovative features designed to enhance overall performance and ergonomics.

Discover the range for you

Fiskars offers three ranges of products to fit every consumer. Casual users can turn to our quality, entry-level Solid™ range for tools that get the job done, efficiently and affordably, while expert users can enjoy best-in-class technologies, ergonomics and durability with our top-of-the-line X-series™. And for those in the middle seeking reliable tools that are rugged enough for everyday use, our Plus™ tools offer plenty of additional features designed to enhance their experience.
Fiskars - X-series™


Exceptional performance. Combining best-in-class technologies, ergonomics and durability to provide an experience that exceeds expectations. Gardening will never be the same.

Fiskars - Plus™


Adds something more. Trusted performers with additional features that not only improve durability but enhance the overall experience. Better tools, equipped for rugged, everyday use.

Fiskars - Solid™


The “solid choice.” Simple, effective and affordable with the quality Fiskars is known for. In short, these tools get the job done.