Dressmaker scissors and tailor shears

A pair of high-quality dressmaker scissors are an essential for every sewist's toolkit, and Fiskars dressmaker shears and scissors set the standard for cutting performance, comfort and longevity. These specialized sewing scissors feature extra-long, stainless steel blades that are precision-ground to make clean cuts all the way to the tip, and they are ideal scissors when cutting from the bolt, long swaths of fabric, multiple layers, and thicker or difficult fabrics.

Of the varying types of scissors for sewing, dressmaker scissors, also called dressmaker shears or tailor shears, are designed specifically for cutting long swaths of fabric or for cutting fabric straight from the bolt. They have very sharp, extra-long blades that cut all the way to the tip, making them an efficient choice, and a bent handle design allows you to keep your fabric flat on the table while cutting, for ergonomics and precision.

You'll also find models of dressmaker scissors featuring SoftGrip™ for advanced comfort, RazorEdge™ blades that are ultra-sharp and Amplify™ sewing scissors that reduce the amount of force needed when cutting thick materials. No matter the model you choose, these are the best scissors for sewing large projects, as you'll be able to cut large patterns quickly and cleanly. Pair dressmaker scissors with precision scissors, such as embroidery scissors or needlework scissors, to round out your sewing toolkit.