Tree Pruners

Tree trimming and bush pruning can be one of gardening's most challenging tasks, especially when you have to reach up high or get down low. To help make things easier, we've developed Fiskars Universal Garden Cutters. These multi-use tools enable you to reach the top of trees and dense bushes, without needing a ladder, or at ground level without bending or kneeling.

Easier from top to bottom

If you've ever tried to trim tree crowns, pick fruit or prune branches, which can't be sawn with a branch saw you'll know how tough it can be. Thankfully, our Tree Pruners and accessories give you the power to perform wonders. With their extension pole and other accessories, these tools offer a distinct advantage to any gardener who prefers to work with their feet firmly on the ground. The adjustable head's lightweight, but powerful cutting mechanism helps to ensure fast, easy and safe tree trimming and pruning.

PowerGear™ X tree pruners

Fiskars’ new PowerGear X™ tree pruners have been developed to extend the cutting power when cutting very high – and low – the telescopic version reaches branches at up to 6 meters. Cutting at such heights requires both precision and strength. The PowerGear X™ tree pruners have an orange blade for improved visibility and a cutting angle that can be adjusted up to 230°. The cutting mechanism makes cutting up to 12 times easier than with standard tools, allowing for easy and exact high-level pruning.