Weeding Tools

Fiskars weeding tools make weeding quick and effortless.

Weed with speed

There are two basic styles of weeding tools – short handled and long handled. Short-handled tools are best for working on your knees in tight or closely planted areas. Long-handled tools allow you to stand while weeding and cover a larger area. Fiskars has them all.

Weeding on pavements

Fiskars paving brush, patio knife and weed forks are ideal tools for weeding between paving slabs on patios or any other hard to reach areas. 

Weeding between plants

It is important to control weeds while they are small. Fiskars has lightweight and highly effective tools for removing weeds from flowerbeds and soil beds and for breaking up soil and light tilling.

Weeding on lawn

Weeds are fast to grow, but Fiskars has excellent tools to remove the moss from the lawn and to keep the grass under control.