Fiskars | Office and work scissors

Office and work scissors

Scissors are an essential tool in the workplace and office, and Fiskars office scissors not only help you complete any cutting task comfortably, they also come in an array of colorful and artistic designs that add extra joy to the job. General purpose scissors are ideal for office use with durable, stainless steel blades that offer exceptional cutting performance and an ergonomically designed handle that provides comfort and a good grip. Titanium non-stick scissors are a great choice for cutting office materials like tape or glue, as the blades will stay clean and in optimal working condition. All of Fiskars office scissors can transition from office to home effortlessly.

Fiskars | Office scissors

Fiskars office scissors are the perfect choice for cutting paper, laminated materials and more at work, school or at home. Opt for Titanium non-stick scissors when cutting sticky materials like tape or glue, to ensure the stainless steel blades keep performing their best. Keep more than one pair of scissors on hand to ensure you always have scissors within reach, and collect a variety of lively prints and stylish colors to add moments of joy throughout your workday.