Building and Fixing

Intelligently designed with patented technologies and advanced ergonomics, Fiskars Pro tools have been tirelessly studied and validated to maximize your strength, reduce negative impact and absorb shock and vibration. Whether your job requires demolishing, building, or some of each, Fiskars Pro tools will help you get it done efficiently and ergonomically.

Best performance and ergonomics

Hard work is part of your character. That’s why you want to work every day. Dig. Twist. Strike. Land. Your job is hard. Unyielding. Unforgivable. At the end of the day, your body aches. We feel those aches and pain. It is true that there are plenty of tools available to get the job done. But how many can say that their tools do the job for you? We can. We work hard to design tools that are not only efficient and durable, but also reduce the strain on your body. This is called advanced ergonomics. It is a combination of science, product design and testing with you at the center. It’s a ruthless job. However, it solves problems. Real people real problems. That is the core of the products we design.

Fiskars Pro: Built by popular demand

These are the tools you’d build if you weren’t busy building other things.

IsoCore™ technology

A patented shock-absorbing insulation sleeve allows you to take on intense demolition tasks with 2x less shock and vibration.

PowerGear® technology

Patented gear technology multiplies your leverage for 40% more power, especially during the toughest part of the cut.

CarbonMax™ technology

CarbonMax blades are laboratory tested and verified to stay sharp up to 24x longer than standard utility blades.