Kitchen scissors and shears

Kitchen scissors and shears are essential to performing a wide variety of cooking tasks, from specialized herb scissors, poultry shears, fish shears and powerful butcher shears, to general, all-purpose kitchen scissors that you can use to open packaging, cut foods, and more. Designed to make meal preparation more enjoyable, Fiskars kitchen scissors and shears have ergonomic handles and strong, sharp, serrated steel blades for comfortable, efficient and long-lasting use.

Kitchen scissors and shears can be used in a variety of different ways to speed up and simplify your food prep. All-purpose kitchen shears are exactly that – multi-purpose, in that they can be used like cooking scissors to open food packaging, cut herbs, vegetables, meat and even bone. Kitchen shears feature a unique, elevated handle that keeps your hands out of the food, allowing you to cut up your favorite foods directly in the pan. For meat, turn to poultry or fish shears, with a powerful serrated blade. And on the other end of the spectrum, use fast prep vegetable scissors to cut directly into the bowl on onto the plate.