Keeps trees healthy and strong with specially designed loppers that cut branches up to 55mm thick. Providers of shade, childhood adventures and seasonal splendor, trees are the centerpieces of a beautiful yard or garden. Loppers allow you to prune tree and shrub branches effectively and comfortably, opening the canopy to let light and air filter through. This, in turn, keeps trees and shrubs healthy, allowing them to grow to their fullest potential. Fiskars loppers offer a variety of features and technologies to help you reach high branches, power through tough branches more easily, and make both tree care and shrub pruning more enjoyable.

Anvil or Bypass?


Anvil blades are ideal for cutting dry or dead wood. The upper blade is forced through the wood with greater pressure as the anvil blade supports the branch, spreading pressure until the cut is complete.


Bypass pruners are ideal for cutting fresh wood. Both blade and counter blade press into the wood to make clean cuts with less compression damage. In other words, the cutting blade bypasses the counter blade in a scissors-like fashion, cutting close to the stem.

Discover the range for you


Powerful tools for thick branches up to 55 mm, PowerGear™ X loppers offer best-in-class cutting performance. An innovative gear mechanism delivers up to 3x more cutting power.


Adjust your lopper to fit your needs with Fiskars SmartFit™ telescopic technology that lets you extend the handle from 66-91 cm. Perfect for high or low cuts up to 50 mm, the SmartFit™ lopper includes SoftGrip™ handle for enhanced comfort and control.


Making the simple even better through intelligent design and enhanced technology, Fiskars SingleStep™ loppers are handy, lightweight and durable, perfect for small to medium branches up to 40 mm.

PowerGear X Loppers

PowerGear™ technology allows for 3x more cutting power for dramatically easier cuts. Effortlessly take on the task of cleaning up branches up to 55 mm in diameter using PowerGear™ precision-ground stainless steel blades with friction-reducing PTFE blade coating. The lopper shaft is also weather-resistant, light yet incredibly strong aluminum that includes SoftGrip™ material and contoured handholds for less strain an increased comfort through long pruning projects.

Durable steel blades

All Fiskars loppers have durable steel blades. The sharp blades ensure that the cuts are clean, which not only makes the job easier for you, but also minimizes the plant’s healing time. Healthier trees and bushes have a better chance of producing larger fruit, flowers, or vegetables. The nearly frictionless coating on the blades keeps rust at bay and resists gummy build-up.

Tools that help you get the job done

Yard maintenance is a necessary task for healthy and abundant growth in your yard. Fiskars lopper design centers around stronger, cleaner and easier cuts with minimized strain and fatigue so that you can clean up overgrown or dead branches. Lopper selection includes options for extendable handles that increase leverage and extend reach up to 91 cm as well as ergonomic features like SoftGrip™ material and specialized hand contouring so that the tool becomes an extension of you.