A new look for old photos or ugly postcards

Everybody has some ugly postcards, unwanted photos or odd pieces of card sheet at home. Give them a new look with a handy polka-dot pattern or fill them with cute flowers, hearts or stars. With a lever punch, the patterns are quick and easy to make. Soon you'll have a big pile of new cards to give away on birthdays, holidays and other special occasions – or as a nice surprise on a completely regular day.


  • Postcards, photos or card sheets
  • Lever punches
  • Glue
  • Scissors
  • Different rolls of tape

Use a shape punch to make a big pile of shapes of your choice. If you want striped cards, you can use decorative tapes, or for a rougher look, try construction or warning tapes.

Glue the shapes on the card so that they form a patterned surface and cut the edges tidy. If you want to be extra careful, you can use a ruler.

If you are using old postcards, glue a white piece of paper on the backside and draw some new address lines and a place for a stamp.

To make a giant amount of gift tags just cut the postcards in four pieces.