Party paper fans

If you have some paper and scissors at home, these colourful paper fans will cheer up your party decor in just a few minutes. They are fun to make with kids or together with your guests. Let your imagination run wild when it comes to colours, patterns and edge tapes.


  • Sheets of paper in different colours
  • Scissors or a paper cutter
  • Circle shape punch
  • Glue

Cut out approximately 60 cm x 10 cm (smaller fan) or 100 cm x 20 cm (larger fan) size strips of paper. If you want to add even more colours, you can tape stripes onto the edges.

If the strips aren't long enough, combine two by gluing them together at the end. Fold the strips accordion style and press the folds sharp and tight.

Bend the folded strips so that they form a fan and glue a paper circle in the center to hold the fan together. Glue the ends together – a paper clip can be helpful while you wait for them to dry. Place the fans on a table, hang them on the wall or as a mobile from the ceiling.