Photo booth props: silly lips and tears of joy for your party photos

Bye-bye boring faces – these props will definitely spice up your party photos! Photo booth props are easy and fun to make and the materials can be found in every home. Making props together is a great idea for holidays, birthday parties or even your office Christmas party.


  • Card sheets
  • Scissors
  • Barbecue sticks or similar
  • Glue
  • Pencils 

Design your prop shapes and draw them on papers or card sheets of different colours. Come up with anything you like: false teeth, speech bubbles or funny ears.

Cut out the shapes. If your shapes include lots of detailed cutting, use small and sharp paper scissors like Fiskars Hobby Scissors. If the cutting is performed by younger guests, kids’ scissors are the safest option.

Glue the barbecue sticks onto the backside of the shapes. A glue gun comes in very handy, but a drop of white glue will do the trick as well.