Sweet Valentine surprise

Fiskars challenges you to surprise someone you love on Valentine’s Day! Send this personalised love letter to your friend, sweetheart or secret crush. The letter is filled with cute hearts, which are easy and fun to make. The best part is that it will bring a moment of joy to someone you care about.

Start by choosing your favourite memories from old photos you can find. They can be photos of holidays, parties, pets, kids, or maybe something that only you two will understand. Remember digital sources – you might be able to print photos straight off of Facebook or Instagram. Pretty pictures from magazines or die cut paper scraps are also a nice option.



  • Colourful card sheets
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Printed or other pictures
  • Postage stamp and a marker

Cut “double hearts” from the card sheets. If you want the hearts to have a silvery cover, you can use coffee bags, foil or metal paper. Cut out the same shape from the shiny material and glue onto the card hearts. Cut the photos into smaller heart shapes and glue them on the inside of the hearts, so that the card is almost like a locket pendant. If you don’t have a printer at home, you might be able to use one at a library or print shop.

Make your own envelope by cutting a four-leafed flower-like shape out of card sheet and folding it into an envelope. Glue the edges together.

Put the little hearts in an envelope, write your friend’s address on it and stick a stamp on top. Now it’s ready to go! Soon you might receive a happy phone call or even a surprise in the post yourself!