Feel the power

Fiskars PowerGear™ is a versatile family of tools that include pruners, loppers, hedge shears and tree pruners to cover most of the cutting needs in the garden. The ingenious PowerGear™ mechanism boosts the power of the cut and is complemented by sharp, quality steel blades and lightweight, durable SoftGrip™ handles.

PowerGear™ X tree pruners

Fiskars’ new PowerGear X™ tree pruners have been developed to extend the cutting power when cutting very high – and low – the telescopic version reaches branches at up to 6 meters. Cutting at such heights requires both precision and strength. The PowerGear X™ tree pruners have an orange blade for improved visibility and a cutting angle that can be adjusted up to 230°. The cutting mechanism makes cutting up to 12 times easier than with standard tools, allowing for easy and exact high-level pruning.

PowerGear™ X hedge shears

The hedge shear has been designed for effortless trimming of hedges and bushes. It has the unique PowerGear™ mechanism that makes cutting up to three times easier compared to standard mechanisms.The precision ground blades are stainless steel and coated with PTFE, which reduces cutting friction and prevents pruning debris sticking to the blades. The result is a clean cut surface that heals quickly. The SoftGrip™ handle offers comfort and balance when cutting.

PowerGear™ X pruners

The new PowerGear™ X series includes two bypass and one anvil pruners. The bypass pruners are suitable for fresh wood and regular pruning, while the anvil is optimised for hard pruning and dead wood, for tasks where a clean cut is not crucial. The lower blade of the PowerGear™ X bypass pruners enables a precise cut at the right distance from the tree trunk for the best possible result. The ingenious PowerGear™ mechanism is complemented by sharp, quality steel blades and lightweight, durable FiberComp™ construction. The unique, rotating SoftGrip™ handle, combined with extra hard blades, ensures that the cutting is effortless and precise. The pruner blades are made from extra hard, corrosion resistant steel (CrMoV) that ensures they stay sharp longer. All PowerGear™ X pruners can be used to cut branches up to 2 cm thick.


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