Axes & Forestry Tools

Generations of craftsmen have dedicated themselves to perfecting our axes so that you can make every swing your best. If you own an axe and chop firewood, chances are we can help make your life easier. Besides our famed axes, we have a huge range of fantastic forestry tools. Everything from saws to tongs, from brush hooks to sappies and knife sharpeners to log belts. If it helps you work more efficiently in the forest or yard, we've got it.

World famed axes

Double hardened steel blades with exceptional sharpness. The highest quality materials and attention to detail. Perfectly balanced to provide you with the most top swing speed and precision, multiplying the power at impact. Fiskars has been making the world famed axes for more than 300 years.

Detailed features

1. Ultra-sharp, double hardened cutting edge
2. Perfect balance for safest, comfortable and powerful swing
3. Ultralight yet extremely durable Fibercomp shaft
4. High-quality steel with anti-friction coating
5. Performance optimized blade shapes
6. 3D structured anti-shock grip

Norden chopping axe n10

Norden Axes

With the Norden axes, Fiskars returns to its deep roots – the Norden range combines our over 300 years of expertise in axe craftmanship and the very best of our technologies.

Register for 25 years of use – Guaranteed

We’re as passionate about axes as you are, which is why if you register your Fiskars axe after buying it, you’ll get a ton of additional benefits. For a start, your warranty will be extended to an incredible 25 years.