Norden Axes

In the midst of the Finnish woodlands lies the small village of Fiskars, where the timeless traditions of crafting the highest-quality hand tools have been passed down through the generations since 1649.

With the Norden axes, Fiskars returns to its deep roots – the Norden range combines our over 300 years of expertise in axe craftmanship and the very best of our technologies. The finest hickory is used to craft a handle with the authentic and natural feel of the traditional wooden axes.

The first of its kind

As with all its axes, Fiskars always insists on the highest possible performance. After thorough testing, you can be sure that the blade will always stay attached, while enjoying unparalleled performance, endurance and durability.

The Norden axes are first of their kind. They feature a high quality wood handle with FiberComp™ over-strike protection making the handle unbreakable. The axes offer a natural look and feel from the  fine crafted wood.

The Axes combine perfected weight distribution, advanced blade geometry and an ultra-sharp edge which stays sharp.

Ultimate safety

Unbeatable performance

High-quality & durable materials

Safest axe head & shaft connection
Overmoulded axe head stays securely in place

Anti-friction coating
Prevents the blade from getting stuck and protects against rust & dirt.

Patent pending connection of shaft & head
The shaft and head are securely connected.

Unbreakable FiberComp over-strike protection
Protects the shaft against mis-hits.

Ultra-sharp blades that stay sharp
Made of high quality carbon steel. Double hardened & precision ground cutting edge

Ergonomically curved handle
Made of high quality hickory wood known for it’s remarkable combination of strength, toughness, hardness, stiffness & shock resistance.

Easy storage
From integrated hanging hole

Hooked end for safety & control
Prevent slipping from the hand

Tumble varnished
For ultimate shaft protection

The Norden Axes