Anatomy of a shovel

Dig, scoop, transfer: just one tool with so many uses. The shovel is an essential tool that aids in completing a variety of projects in your yard, garden and around your home. But not all shovels are made the same. Shovels actually have three different parts: a handle, a shaft and a blade or scoop. These parts are designed and combined in specific ways to help you complete your projects faster – with less body strain – all while supporting the longevity of the tool for long-lasting use.

Shovel handle design that allows multiple grips

D-handle allows multiple grips and is easy to hang for storage. D-shaped handle is perfect for hands of all sizes, with or without gloves.

SoftGrip™ material in the handle in Fiskars Xact tools increases comfort.

Shaft profiles are designed for good ergonomics

Optimal shaft angles are ergonomic for lifting and handling. SoftGrip™ material in the shaft in Fiskars Xact and Ergonomic tools increases comfort when digging.

Blades are durable and have a step board for extra digging power

Fiskars Xact and Ergonomic stick tools blades are hardened and sharpened. A non-slip step board in Fiskars Xact tools increases digging power and a measurement scale helps measuring depth when digging.

The best shovel range for you


  • Innovations for ultimate performance and precision
  • Spade’s sharpened blade edges & sides drive into hard soil, with non-slip step board for added power
  • Maximum durability includes reinforced blade structure and welded connections
  • Ergonomic, angled shafts; Telescopic shafts allows customized length for a perfect fit
  • SoftGrip™ on shaft and D-shaped handle for comfort, control and insulation from cold.


  • Optimized for comfort and designed to work with your body
  • Spade has sharpened cutting edges
  • Teardrop-shaped steel shaft provides a natural grip, with SoftGrip™ for comfort and insulation from cold
  • Shaft encourages perfected lifting angle to reduce strain
  • D-shaped handle provides a comfortable, firm grip.


  • Effective and reliable tools that get the job done
  • Head is welded to metal shaft for everyday durability
  • Boron steel head increases strength
  • Easy-to-see orange D-shaped handle is perfect for hands of all sizes, with or without gloves.