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Food Gardening

Yard to kitchen. Soil to plate. Seed to table.

Growing your own food may go by many names, but at its core is a desire for healthier choices, a commitment to trial and error, and hours of hard work. It is both a journey, with rewarding results you can smell, touch, savor and share, and an experience – one that can be made even more enjoyable with the right tools.

Now you can plant, grow and harvest with a collection of food gardening tools designed to make the process more accurate, efficient and ultimately, more successful.

What Are Food Gardening Tools Used For?

While food gardening can be done using makeshift tools or methods, Fiskars believes having the right tools to help plant, grow and harvest can only help improve your chances of success in the garden. That said, each of our food gardening tools has been designed to provide a tangible benefit to the task at hand.

Our Soil Block Maker helps you create individual soil blocks that promote open-air pruning for stronger root systems, and subsequently, healthier seedlings – all while eliminating the need to purchase non-eco-friendly, plastic containers. Our Seed Trowel features several tools in one, including a widger, dibber, transplanter and seed dispenser designed to help you measure, seed, sow and more, with accuracy.

Once your seedlings have been safely transplanted, our multi-functional Hori Hori Knife can help you weed, split and dig around your garden, while our Folding Produce and Harvesting Knives can be used to easily and more carefully cut ripe produce from stems. Rinse and transport all harvested produce in our Harvest Basket or pick fruit safely from trees without causing damage to apples, pears and more with our Fruit Picker.

Kids' outdoor tools

Whether you're growing plants or raking leaves, spending time with your children in the garden is one of life's simple pleasures. So, why not do all you can to show them gardening really can be child's play.