Axes, Mauls & Machetes

Axes, Mauls & Machetes

Welcome to a new generation of wood cutting tools. Our extreme performance axes and mauls let you chop deeper with more one-strike splits – perfect for chopping logs, splitting firewood and felling trees. Looking for clearing tools? Our effective, multi-purpose machetes and billhooks deliver superior control and fast, powerful performance, making them ideal for reclaiming overgrown areas, dividing plants, general yard clean-up and more.

Whether you need blades for clearing, trimming, weeding or trenching – or simply want to prep firewood – our versatile wood cutting tools make it easy for you to tackle jobs all over the yard.

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What are Axes, Mauls, Machetes & Billhooks Used For?

Designed for power, control and maximum efficiency, our extreme wood cutting tools can help you take back your yard. High performance splitting axes split small- to medium-sized logs and are ideal for prepping firewood, while our ultra-sharp chopping axes chop deeper with every swing for felling trees. Smaller, more portable hatchets are great for chopping kindling and are easy to carry for hikers and outdoor enthusiasts. Other specialty tools include hookaroons, which have a pointed, angled blade that allows it to bite quickly and securely into firewood to make grabbing and moving logs easier; log hooks and log tongs for grabbing and turning, or lifting, carrying and stacking logs; and one-handed brush axes, ideal for clearing brush, cutting trails, stripping logs and more. For more hardcore wood splitting, our heavier mauls are ideal for splitting wood (splitting face) or driving wedges and stakes (driving face), and include our patented IsoCore shock control system to help reduce shock and vibration by 2x.
Rounding out our wood cutting tools are machetes and billhooks – powerful, versatile, clearing tools ideal for various yard tasks ranging from clearing large areas of brush to powering through fibrous palms, to trimming shoots and stems, sawing branches, cutting vines, removing suckers and more. Unlike other tools that require a two-handed grip, these tools are designed for one-handed use, leaving your other hand free to grab and pile cuttings.