Young child uses blue scissors to cut and create a project

Cut, Learn & Create with Kids Activity Books

Developed alongside pediatric occupational therapists, Fiskars brings you Cut & Learn and Cut & Create Kids Activity Books that guide growing hands and inspire creative minds while they learn to use scissors. Kids Scissors & Activity Book bundles pair the #1 parent- and teacher-trusted scissors with 30 pages of creative activities.

Child using starter scissors to cut activity book page, with parent supporting

From the very first snip to detailed paper crafting, each of the four books aligns with a specific stage of fine motor development

Scissors cutting activity book page support fine motor development

Book activities and how-to's developed through guidance from pediatric occupational therapists to be effective and fun

Kids scissors of many sizes designed for every age and stage

Our Kids Scissors are engineered for every age so every kid has precisely the tool they need

#1 Teacher Recommended Brand for kids scissors

Teacher recommended & parent trusted, Fiskars® is the #1 Kids Scissors brand

Inside view of Activity Books with example pages

Kids learn & grow with Fiskars

Kids who create develop strong problem-solving skills. Fiskars supports caregivers and teachers by making sure kids have just the right tools.

Every activity book bundle includes a pair of scissors and 30 pages of color-and-cut activities. Caregivers will also find tips & how-to's to help their creative genius learn and grow. Each activity page gives just the right guidance to balance caregiver interaction with creative independence.

Scissors included for Activity Book, from age 2 to 8+

Cut & Learn activity books (2+ and 3+) come with one pair of ambidextrous scissors perfect for little hands that are still developing. Cut & Create activity books (4+ & 8+) include one pair of scissors intended for right-handed use. True left-handed scissors are available separately.

Activity book cover and tips guide

From simple lines and shapes all the way to mix-and-match paper crafting, the activities in each book are specially designed to encourage fine motor development. By learning to use their hands in creative ways, kids are better prepared to take on additional core skills like tying shoes, writing, and building.

Developed with pediatric occupational therapists for small hands & creative minds

Example activity page shows easy-to-follow dashed cut lines, paper from recycled materials, and easy perforation edges

Activity Books inspire kids to be creative, learn & have fun!

Take the learning activities a step further! Make crafty birthday gifts, holiday decorations, and enhance playtime with dolls or action figures.
Young child creates paper dolls from cutting activity book

Young child builds paper campfire from cutting activity book

Ocean diorama with cut characters from activity book pages