Stencils & Shape Templates

Stencils & Shape Templates

Use decorative stencils, shape templates and reusable stencils for painting, cutting and piercing to add consistent, whimsical shapes and other designs to your collages, cards, centerpieces, banners, gifts, home décor and more.

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What Are Stencils & Shape Templates Used For?

Decorative stencils for paper, as well as stencils for painting, are an easy way to consistently produce different shapes for home décor, banners, centerpieces and more.

Clear, acrylic paper flower templates are easy to trace and cut out, for an easy way to craft beautiful paper flowers for bouquets, centerpieces or gifts. Paper gems are shape templates (diamond, kite, lantern, etc.) that allow you to cut precise, 3D paper gems, quickly and consistently, for a simple way to add dimension to party favors, garlands and more. Transparent paper piercing decorative stencils show you where to puncture and weave bright thread through small holes for texture and eye-catching color. Finally, Shapexpress2™ is a system we offer that gives you all the tools you need to create quick, flawless shapes (oval, rectangle, circle, etc.) for invitations, scrapbooks and more – all in one kit.