Student Scissors (Ages 12+)

As students grow, their school projects become more sophisticated. Fiskars helps older kids prepare for such projects by offering school scissors with top quality cutting performance and a familiar, smooth-handled design.

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Which Scissors Do They Need?

Learn how to find the pair of scissors that’s just right for your child’s age – and style.

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Who Should Use Student Scissors?

Larger than our 5- and 6-inch Kids Scissors, but smaller than typical 8-inch adult scissors, Student Scissors are perfect for those older children somewhere in the middle. Stainless steel blades stay sharp longer for excellent cutting performance, while pointed-tip blades offer improved precision cutting. A non-stick coating also makes it easy to cut through sticky materials without gumming up. Available in an array of exciting designer handles to fit the tastes of different tweens and teens, these 7-inch student scissors are ideal for kids 12+.

As the #1 teacher recommended brand for all kids scissors, Fiskars also offers Preschool Scissors, 5-inch Kids Scissors and 6-inch Big Kids Scissors for kids under twelve..