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Take down branches over two inches thick with aggressive pruning saws that feature enhanced grip, comfort, portability and more.

Designed for use on extra-thick branches that are often too big for loppers, Fiskars offers a variety of sharp tree saws, bow saws and folding saws that are ideal for quick, clean cuts. Whether you need a hand saw that has the ability to make controlled undercuts – or a pole saw that extends your reach for sawing branches up high – we have all your branch cutting needs covered.

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Find the Right Tool for the Cut

Find the Right Tool for the Cut

From stems to branches to tree limbs, we’ll help you choose the right cutting tool for the job.

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What Are Saws Used For?

Tree saws, bow saws and folding saws are three unique tools that all share one purpose: help you take down extra-thick branches.

Extendable tree saws and tree pruners are lightweight, easy-to-handle pole saws that allow you to extend and reach up to saw thick, high branches – without a ladder. Traditional bow saws are lightweight and super sharp, great for clearing brush and cutting thick branches closer to the ground. Folding hand saws fold right into the handle and lock for added safety, making it easy to take with you. Or for even easier access, transport and storage, carabiner saws are compact and designed to clip right onto your belt. Additional features available on some of our saws include Softgrip® – enhanced touchpoints for improved comfort and control – as well as D-handles, for improved grip. Most of our saws also feature a POWER TOOTH® blade, featuring razor-sharp, triple-ground teeth that make aggressive cuts to power through dense wood with speed and efficiency. Our POWER TOOTH® hand saws also have the ability to make quick, easy undercuts without sacrificing control.