Shovels & Digging Tools

Shovels & Digging Tools

Dig and transfer soil, snow or other materials more easily and efficiently, with gardening shovels and other digging tools that are as ergonomic as they are durable.

Built to last and stay intact, every Fiskars gardening shovel is designed to efficiently lift and transfer large volumes of sand, stone, mulch, fertilizer and more, or penetrate and break up tough soil easily, making them ideal for a myriad of different landscape jobs. Equipped with features and details that improve comfort and control, reduce fatigue or back pain and more, our gardening shovels and digging tools are sure to be a welcome – and necessary – addition to your tool shed.

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What Are Shovels & Digging tools Used For?

Anyone who owns a home or yard knows there are plenty of reasons to own a shovel – all year long. Reliable and ultra-durable, Fiskars gardening shovels and digging tools can help you get just about any digging task done more easily and efficiently.

The most typical gardening shovel used is a digging shovel. Featuring a sharpened steel edge for easier digging, this tool is often available with longer handles that eliminate the need for bending and kneeling, or with D-handles, an alternative to straight handles, designed to keep your wrist in a more neutral position to reduce strain.

Drain spades are useful for digging small, deep holes, trenching, digging up bulbs, cutting roots and more, while transfer shovels feature a heavy-duty, steel head for moving and spreading mulch, gravel and other garden materials. Scoop Shovels have big, secure heads for moving large volumes of mulch, grain, seeds, soil and more, while Tampers feature a heavy-duty, 8 in. x 8 in. head for compacting stone, gravel and dirt quickly and evenly into a flat surface. Offset handles make it easier to dig deep postholes with our Steel Posthole Diggers, while our Long- handled Steel Edger makes it easy to edge around walkways, gardens and other obstacles with less strain. Transplanting Spades are ideal for digging up bulbs or small, deep holes, while the Garden Spade Shovel features a sharper edge than the transfer shovel, making it ideal for edging, cutting trenches and slicing through thick turf.

Fiskars also makes reliable snow shoveling tools that are built to last, including easy-to-push Snow Sleds and Pushers for pushing snow off driveways, as well as a more traditional Snow Scoop Shovel, featuring an ergonomic design with a large scoop for quick, easy snow removal.