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At Fiskars, we understand the importance of good kitchen knives. After all, using the right knife can make a big difference in the amount of time and effort it takes to prep ingredients. It can also make it easier to create different, specialized knife cuts that can improve the overall visual appeal and professionalism of your dish. As the most important tool in any kitchen, ultra-sharp blades, secure, ergonomic handles, and the ability to store and wash them safely and easily are essential features we’re proud to offer on all our kitchen knives.

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What are Different Types of Kitchen Knives Used for?

Different kitchen knives serve different purposes, but the cornerstone of any knife collection is a versatile 7” or 8” chef’s knife. This knife features a broad and sharp blade and can be used to cut foods and meats of all sizes, from chopping to mincing to slicing. The sharper your blade, the more controlled and consistent your cuts will be. Smaller chef knives (5”) are ideal for repetitive slicing and mincing of medium- to small-sized dense fruits and vegetables like carrots, green onions, herbs and meats. Other important kitchen knives to have include a paring knife (3.5”) for smooth, precise cuts while trimming, peeling or slicing fruits and vegetables, and utility knives (6.5”) that are ideal for cutting, chopping, mincing or slicing small to medium foods like onions and bell peppers. Finally, use serrated utility knives for cutting bread, delicate foods and ingredients with thicker skins, such as tomatoes and sausages.