Discover powerful hammers equipped with the industry’s best shock control system.

Fiskars® Pro IsoCore™ Hammers are engineered to keep every strike effective, controlled and comfortable for easier drives, less muscle fatigue and ultimately, better results.

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We put IsoCore™ tools in the hands of more than a hundred pros just like you. See what they had to say about these pioneering designs.

The IsoCore™ Advantage

The IsoCore™ Advantage

See how tools featuring the industry’s best shock control system can work for you by limiting the toll tough work takes on your body.

High-performance handles

High-performance handles

An extended grip, strategic texturing and a slip-reducing flare keep swings controlled and powerful.

Lifetime warranty

Ultimate durability

Simple, heavy-duty construction for daily, quality performance under all conditions – guaranteed.

About Fiskars® Pro Hammers 

Ideal for effective strikes and controlled, easier drives, our durable hammers are perfectly balanced for power, efficiency and superior shock absorption.

For basic nail driving tasks, our General Use Hammers get the job done. Finishing Hammers drive small nails into visible surfaces without damaging the surrounding area, making them ideal for adding trim, mounting cabinets or any other detail work. For bigger framing jobs, Framing Hammers are engineered to pound large nails into tough lumber with power and speed. Finally, keep your hammer from sliding off the nail when striking with a Milled-face Framing Hammer. This tool features a pattern on the striking face, allowing it to get a better grip on the nail head. 

All Fiskars® Pro tools are built to last and backed by a full lifetime warranty.