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Go on a culinary journey with our collection of quality, intuitive kitchen utensils and tools.

At Fiskars, we believe that every dish tells a story. That’s why our kitchen knives and shears feature intuitive design and improved cutting control to help make it easier – and more enjoyable – for you to relish every detail. Versatile enough to cut anything and everything, our kitchen utensils are also dishwasher-safe and easy to clean, for fast, easy food prep.

Kitchen Shears

Kitchen Shears for Every Task

From opening packaging to mincing herbs, cutting and prepping food has never been easier with our sharp, versatile, easy-to-clean kitchen shears.

About Cooking Tools

At Fiskars, we believe the kitchen should be the heart of every home. That’s why we design kitchen utensils and tools that help you savor life’s most delicious moments. 

Our Summit knives feature a smarter handle design that guides your hand to the ideal grip automatically, for maximum control and confidence, while our Functional Form knives offer perfect balance and premium, stainless steel blades for precise cuts on a variety of foods. 

For versatile cuts in the kitchen, our kitchen shears are designed to cut everything from food packaging to delicate herbs. Non-scratch kitchen shears feature an elevated handle to allow you cut pizzas, quesadillas and more, directly from the pan or dish, while our heavy-duty butcher shears make powerful cuts through meat and even bone. Fast-prep herb shears maximize the power of your thumb and index finger, allowing you to mince herbs directly into the bowl with quick, controlled snips. Dishwasher-safe for easy clean-up, all of our kitchen utensils and tools offer the same legendary cutting performance you would expect from any Fiskars product.

Moving from the counter to the stove, our Norden line of cookware includes cast iron pots and pans, all of which maintain superior non-stick properties. An interior enamel finish also prevents rust and does not require seasoning like typical cast iron does, ensuring easy maintenance.

Fiskars cooking tools are built to last and backed by a full lifetime warranty.