Kids Blunt-tip and Pointed-tip Scissors (Ages 4+)

Every child is a creative genius, and with the right kids scissors, children can grow into their creativity and embrace their unlimited creative potential. Parents and teachers alike love Fiskars kids scissors for their unique safety-edge blades, that allow children to easily and safely create at home and in the classroom.

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Which Scissors Do They Need?

Learn how to find the pair of scissors that’s just right for your child’s age – and style.

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What are the Differences Between Kids Scissors?

Kids ages 4+ are just starting to explore creative skills, cutting classroom materials to build art projects that help express their growing imaginations. Fiskars offers a variety of blunt tip and pointed kids scissors with safety-edge blades, comfy fits and fun styles to match their age, stage and personalities.

Blunt Scissors feature innovative, blunt-tip, safety-edge blades with a blade angle to protect kids, while still cutting through all classroom materials. Pointed Scissors also have safety-edge blades, but with pointed-tip blades for improved detail cutting. For slightly bigger kids ages 8+, our 6-inch Big Kids Scissors offer larger finger loops and longer blades, with the same comfortable fit, making these the perfect step-up for older kids working on more advanced projects. Looking ahead, Fiskars also offers larger, 7-inch Student Scissors for kids ages 12+.