Classroom Tools

Classroom Tools

Beyond cutting with scissors, students learn in the classroom in a variety of different ways. Our durable, kid-friendly classroom supplies help round out teachers supplies lists at schools everywhere and include rulers, pencil sharpeners, compasses and more.

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What Are Classroom Tools Used For?

Requested classroom supplies for teachers often include scissors, rulers, pencil sharpeners and more. Fiskars offers a variety of durable classroom supplies designed to help students of all ages learn, grow and soar.

Fun, shatter-resistant, designer rulers are ideal for kids of all ages and are marked with easy-to-read measurements. Manual flip sharpeners are easy to use and sharpen both pencils and crayons – without creating a mess. Our Battery-powered Pencil Sharpener features eight, strong, steel helix blades that work together for long-lasting, optimal sharpening. Two additional tools that often make teacher supplies lists for students ages 8+ are a compass and a protractor. These durable tools feature bold markings and clear, see-through design to maximize visibility. Finally, cut down on classroom clutter such as scissors or art supplies with a colorful, fun art caddy.