Training Scissors (Ages 3+)

Kids are always learning something new, and at this age, watching them learn new life skills can be exciting. Teach little ones how to hold and use scissors with preschool scissors designed with safety, comfort and ergonomics in mind.

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Fiskars - Which Scissors do They Need

Which Scissors Do They Need?

Learn how to find the pair of scissors that’s just right for your child’s age – and style.

Fiskars - Learning to Cut with Scissors

Learning to Cut with Scissors

Kids love to get creative and use scissors, but learning how to cut takes time and practice.

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How Do Preschool Scissors Help Kids Learn How to Cut?

For something as important as teaching your little ones how to hold and use a pair of scissors, trust the #1 teacher recommended brand. Fiskars preschool scissors feature a unique training lever that opens the blades after each cut, helping young kids age 3 and up learn how to cut more easily. Once the child has mastered opening and closing them, the training lever can be flipped up for traditional cutting action with safety-first blunt blades and tips. Once kids graduate out of preschool scissors, Fiskars offers a variety of 5-inch kids scissors (ages 4+), as well as 6-inch big kids scissors – and beyond – to grow with their cutting needs.