Hardware saws

Welcome to a new generation of hand saws intelligently designed for maximum efficiency and ultimate safety. They deliver power when you need it and control where you want it for faster, straighter, closer and safer cutting.


Universal hand saws provide forceful, smooth cuts through wood as well as laminate, PVC and more.

Pipe & conduit

Hacksaws offer clean, quick cuts through metal, plastic, copper pipe, nails and more.

Trim and finish work

Fine-finish pull saws provide excellent accuracy and control for detailed cutting.

Flush cuts

Flexible pull saw blades allow for quick, easy and clean flush cuts.

Quick cuts on the fly

Deployed with a flick of the wrist, keep a compact utility saw in your toolbelt for wood, plastic, nails and more.


A sturdy, ultra-sharp fixed jab saw bade pierces and powers through plasterboard with ease.

Saws that aren’t just better, they’re smarter.

Hundreds of pros helped engineer saws that eliminate frustrations, increase efficiency and stand up to tough jobs and tougher conditions. In short, Fiskars made saws that work for you.

Safety and ergonomics

Secure locks, rugged and sturdy sheaths, and slip-free saw handles that feel natural and comfortable to grip – these are just a few of the features you’ll find on Fiskars saws that ensure best-in-class safety and ergonomics. Like all Fiskars Pro tools, these saws have been tirelessly studied and validated to ensure they not only help you get the job done, but get it done safer and with more power and control.

Fiskars Pro Saws

When it comes to cutting on a construction site or completing an at-home project, choosing the right types of saws to have in your toolbox makes your work more efficient and safe. Fiskars general use wood saws, available in multiple sizes, make controlled, powerful cuts through all types of wood. The large and small pull saws, likewise, cut wood, but are more adept at detail and finishing work, with thin, flexible blades for clean flush cuts. A perfectly tensioned hacksaw is best to have available for quickly cutting metal, plastic, PVC and piping, and the Fiskars hacksaw frame includes on-tool hacksaw blade storage. For an ultra-fast pocket saw, choose the compact utility saw that fits most standard reciprocating saw blades.

Bind-free cut starts

RapidStart™ technology features a higher TPI near the end of the blade for faster cut starts with no binding.

Effortless blade tensioning

TrueTension™ mechanism ‘clicks’ into place for optimal blade tension with every use.

Longer lasting blades

Power Tooth® blades are triple ground and induction hardened to hold their razor-sharp edge longer.