Shears & Snips

Shears & Snips

From start to finish, Fiskars has the ideal garden scissors for every job. Choose from our multi-use, pruning and harvesting garden snips to set up a healthy foundation, trim your plants and flowers to encourage healthy growth, and reap the rewards of your harvest.

Beyond blades that stay sharp and help you make precise, healthy cuts, Fiskars garden clippers are equipped with thoughtful features ranging from easy-to-clean, take-apart designs to Easy Action™ springs that help reduce hand fatigue – all designed to help make it easy to prep, deadhead flowers, snip stems, clip herbs, harvest produce and more.

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Snip Your Way to a Healthier Garden

Snip Your Way to a Healthier Garden

From foundation prep to pruning, all the way to harvest, we’ve got the right snip for every task.

Find the right tool for the cut

Find the Right Tool for the Cut

From stems to branches to tree limbs, we’ll help you choose the right cutting tool for the job.

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What Are Shears & Snips Used For?

There are many factors involved in maintaining a healthy garden. For starters, using the right garden scissors can be critical to achieving clean, precise cuts on stems. Keeping your prep tools separate from your pruning and harvesting snips can also be important to avoid cross- contamination. To make it easy, Fiskars offers a selection of garden clippers across three different gardening categories: multi-use, pruning and harvest.

First, set yourself up for success by prepping a healthy foundation. Cut open a wide range of heavy-duty garden materials such as fertilizer bags, landscape fabric, screens and more with our versatile multipurpose garden snips. As your plants and flowers grow, encourage healthy growth by shaping, trimming and pruning them with sharp, precision blades, like those found on our Micro-Tip® Pruning Snips – ideal for clean, healthy cuts in tight spaces. And at harvest time, ensure healthy, bacteria-free cuts on flowers, herbs, fruits and vegetables with our vegetable shears or herb snips – two garden snips designed specifically to be easy to clean.