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Makers turn tattered into treasured, create beauty from the broken down and translate wild ideas into truly original creations. Whether you’re upcycling, refinishing, upholstering, or doing something totally uncharted, Fiskars DIY Maker Tools strike the perfect balance of size, power and precision for the projects you make. Tools that eliminate the need to ‘make do’ and offer the opportunity to ‘make better.’

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What Are DIY Maker Tools Used For?

Specialized DIY and maker tools strike the perfect balance of size, power and accuracy and can support DIY projects ranging from upholstery to furniture refurbishing, home décor upcyling to refurbishing and painting.

Every tool in this collection is enhanced to allow you to achieve the result you want. PowerCut™ Shears and Snips feature innovative, patent-pending, strength-enhancing, curved blades for crisp, clean, dramatically easier cuts all the way to the tip on thick DIY materials. The Precision Hammer offers dual, non-slip grip zones – one for power and the other, up close by the head for more delicate, precise strikes. Add even more precision by using it with the Precision Nail Starter, a striking platform that helps you line up your nail for straight drives every time. The cordless Precision Hand Drill lets you manually create precise, controlled holes through dry wall, woods, laminate and more, while our Precision Screwdriver features a free-rotating handle that leverages your strength for maximum downward force. The Precision Hand Saw features a thin, yet powerful, triple-ground blade that glides through wood, cardboard, dowels and more, for controlled, precise cuts. Other right-sized DIY tools include a tape measure, staple gun, level, pliers, thick material punches, craft knives and more.