Weeds grow quickly and can steal valuable space, moisture and nutrients away from your other plants. Our smart weed removal tools grab weeds by their roots for permanent removal – without multiple applications of harsh chemicals – allowing you to reduce your footprint and sit back and enjoy the view!

Intuitive and easy to use, every Fiskars weeder is also designed for ergonomics, reducing physical – and mental – fatigue while weeding.

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What Are Weeders Used For?

Weed removal tools can be a more lasting – and enjoyable – way to keep your lawn free of weeds and harsh, costly herbicides.

Hand weeders require you to sit or kneel and get down in the dirt. They feature a steel head that won’t break while digging in dense soil, as well as a sharpened forked tip that makes it easy to get under the root. Our Big Grip Weeder has an extra-large handle with Softgrip® for exceptional grip and comfort, while the Ergo Weeder takes it one step further with an ergonomically designed handle to reduce hand and wrist fatigue.

Did you know weeding can also be done standing up? Fiskars offers two stand-up weeders that let you remove dandelions, thistles and other invasive weeds – without kneeling or bending. The Triple-claw Weeder features an extra-long handle with three serrated, stainless steel claws that grab the root, and a foot platform that makes it easy to step down and maximize force to penetrate tough soil. The Stand-up Weed Puller has four serrated claws for added weed-pulling power.