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Fiskars - Hardware Shears & Snips

Hardware Shears & Snips

Cut through heavy-duty materials like pipes, sheet metal and more, day in and day out, with Fiskars®
 Pro Hardware Shears and Snips.

Equipped with advanced mechanics and ergonomics, our rugged metal shears, tin snips and cutting tools are designed to help you make tough, relentless cuts on a variety of tough materials with more power, ease, efficiency and control.

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Fiskars® Pro Aviation Snips

Watch how our patented PowerGear® technology gives you 40% more cutting power at the toughest part of the cut, dramatically reducing cut force.

Outperforms Every Leading Competitor

Outperforms Every Leading Competitor

From aviation snips to bolt cutters, our shears and snips are designed for tradespeople with technologies that reduce cut force.

Advanced ergonomics

Advanced ergonomics

Optimized handle span truly fits your grip, allowing you to apply more power without sacrificing cut length, while an Easy Action™ handle opens automatically to help reduce hand fatigue.

Ultimate durability

Ultimate durability

Simple, heavy-duty construction for daily, quality performance under all conditions – guaranteed.

About Fiskars® Pro Hardware Shears & Snips

For the ultimate in cutting power, discover Fiskars® hardware shears and snips. Our tin snips, metal shears and other powerful cutting tools are built to last and help you power through heavy-duty home improvement materials.

Hardware Snips feature an easy-to-squeeze design for quick snips through packaging, cardboard, twine, linoleum, zip ties and more. For tougher materials including insulation, duct tape and rope, our PowerArc™ Shears offer more power right through the toughest part of the cut. Aluminum Tin Snips rip through siding, sheet metal, tin and more – all with a lightweight aluminum body. For sheet metal, ductwork, metal studs and gutters, choose an Aviation Snip equipped with PowerGear® leverage-enhancing power and forged, heat-treated steel blades for longer life and durability. Our PowerGear® Pipe Cutters make it easier to cut plastic pipes without ratcheting, while replaceable, stainless steel blades cut from start to finish in one single, smooth stroke. Finally, cut paddle locks, chains, rebar and more with a heavy-duty bolt cutter.